9 Step SEO Strategy (How to Get Google Ranking!)

We’ll show you our 9 step SEO strategy how I got Google #2 in 6 months, getting organic (free) website traffic in as little as 40 minutes per 2 weeks!

Getting more organic (read: free) traffic to your blog, website, store and online business is the bees-knees of business.

While you might sell products or services or information the blog (a section of your website) is another potential income stream, whether you are building up the other businesses.

After 4 years with an online business and 3 websites I have worked out what works and what doesn’t and honestly, getting 150,000 page views per month and to get Google ranking taking 40 minutes per fortnight.

Angel Foods (the cake business part) started in September 2010 and I honestly only got a website to put on my business cards to sell cakes. I was off and racing making cakes, going to markets, taking wholesale orders.

The gallery or portfolio was dodgy and updated images every 2-3 weeks and also started a couple of blog posts. In that first year, I probably blogged … maybe 6 times?

But I quickly learned that to get any sort of decent traffic (number of website hits) and better google ranking I would need to upgrade to a WordPress website.



So 12 months into a business I upgraded to a WordPress (.org) and kept adding more photos. My website hits were about 1-3 hits per day in the beginning and when I upgraded to WordPress it was about 10-20 hits per day.

I’m going to be completely honest, I had no idea back then (2011) how to get more traffic to my website. All I knew was people said have WordPress, so I got WordPress. People said have an opt in and have people subscribe to your email list. They said ‘’the money is in the list’’, so I popped an opt-in on my website.

The rest of the time I was running around like a headless chook. From caking, baking, decorating, going to the markets, deliveries and then I franchised in 2011 and had our first franchisee, so I was training her and helping her set up. Oh, and also marketing and advertising for more cake orders and for more franchises.


Website hits (or number of page views) were about 2700 for the month of May 2012. Since then, March 2013 was 4111 hits, July 2014 was 9461 hits, March 2015 was 11,615 hits and January 2016 is 16,298 hits. April 2016 got 50,000 hits, June was 300, 000 page views (due to some viral content) and nowadays I sit at around 150,000 page views per month.

In June 2014 I started my 9 Step SEO Strategy and in 6 months I got Google #2 and in 8 months hit Google #1.

That is how I know that this 9 step SEO strategy works. Plus also doing bonus #3 and republishing old recipes and tutorials, I have 3x (tripled) website traffic to the same blog posts.

Your Instructor


My goal is simple: share what works and what doesn’t work that has helped me grow my online business.

I run several websites and businesses including the popular cake site Angel Foods, where I talks about cake and business all day, every day – pretty much the best job ever! With brings 20+ years business and 6 years online business experience.

I WRITE. I CREATE. I BLOG. I SELL. Daily. Making $6000-$8000 monthly.

Highlight reel:

I was able to quit my full-time day job in Oct 2016 and retire my boyfriend from his job in April 2017.

Serial entrepreneur previously having a cleaning business, home daycare business and food business.

At 9 months in business, I had franchised my business model and had 1st franchisee. Yep, super doper crazy. Within 2 years had sold 12 franchises.

My cakes turned into a franchise, the franchise turned into a blog, the blog turned into a business that pays me a full-time income.

Got to really know my strengths – a teacher. I found my naturally rocking teaching skills in business.

Through years of testing & tweaking and many failures, share what is working for me.

I am a self-confessed creating and selling machine! Creating, capturing and converting like crazy.

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